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  Seating Limit: 10 people
Cost per person: $79.00
Cost per duo (2 seats): $129.00
Time: 9:00-12:30 p.m.

2021 Dates:
  - Saturday, March 27
  - Friday, April 9
  - Saturday, April 24
  - Friday, May 7
  - Saturday, May 29

This class teaches the fundamentals to the new beekeeper, whether you just got your bees this season or you plan to get bees next season. Topics covered in this class include:

Fundamentals of Beekeeping 
The Basic Parts of a Bee Hive
Protective Gear ABCs 
Visiting a Live Bee Hive for a Hive Inspection
The Honey House Operations
Next Steps for Beginners
Class fee does not include bee gear. Class requires that you wear a veil and gloves at a minimum. You are responsible for bringing your personal protective gear including a suit, jacket or hat/veil combo as well as gloves. We will provide smoker as needed. If you need to purchase protective gear for this class, plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins and we will assist you with this so you are ready for class.
A Few Details
Pictures are welcomed during class. 
The class will be conducted outdoors and in the teaching apiary. 
Wear long pants such as jeans or cargo pants, preferably not black. Also wear a long-sleeved shirt and boots or other shoes that cover your ankles and toes.
Do not wear excessively fragrant perfume or cologne at the class, so as not to attract the bees to yourself.
A student at the Gretchen Bee Ranch.
Bring a lawn chair.
If you have a known allergy to bees, please talk to us prior to paying for a class.
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Class: Introduction to Beekeeping
  Customer Quote: “The three hours flew by before I realized it. Class was fun and easy to understand.” -Mary R.  

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