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  Bees make honey with nectar they collect from the flowers around them. It is this nectar that gives honey its unique color and flavor.

Our wildflower honey is a symphony of flavors, produced as our bees visit horsemint, Indian blanket, agarita and other wildflowers that bloom every spring in our beautiful corner of Texas.

In the rugged brush country Southwest of San Antonio, the huajilla plant blooms in late April and early May. Our bees in Frio and Medina Counties use the huajilla nectar to make a light, smooth honey that many consider the best tasting honey, bar none.

When conditions are right, our bees feast on the prolific blooms of the mesquite trees in late June or early July. Since our weather is hot and dry by then, and most of the spring flowers have faded, we sometimes are able to harvest our “mesquite honey” and distinguish it from the wildflower honey produced earlier in the year. But mesquite blossoms are unreliable, and our South Texas mesquite honey is not made every year, making it even more highly prized when it is produced.

Our Honey Varieties
Because of limited supplies and high demand not all honey varieties are available throughout the year.

  Mesquite Blossom Honey

Gretchen Bee Ranch Guadalupe County Mesquite Honey Guadalupe County Mesquite Blossom
A very mild honey with a smooth, buttery taste. This honey is available for the first time in two years, but the supply is very limited.

Gretchen Bee Ranch Frio County Mesquite Honey Frio County Mesquite Blossom
A light, smoky honey with a hint of wildflower nectar. The supply of this honey is also very limited.

Gretchen Bee Ranch Gonzales County Mesquite Honey Gonzales County Mesquite Blossom
Our bees in Gonzales County found conditions unfavorable for producing mesquite honey this year. Unfortunately, this honey is not available. We will try again in 2016.
Bee collecting nectar from a wild flower
  Huajilla Blossom Honey

Gretchen Bee Ranch Frio County Huajilla Honey Frio County Huajilla Blossom
Light, smooth and heavenly, the bees produced for us an ample supply of this delicious honey.
Gretchen Bee Ranch Frio County Huajilla Honey Medina County Huajilla Blossom
A heavy huajilla bloom this spring produced our lightest, most delicate honey. A limited amount of this honey is available.
  Wildflower Honey

Guadalupe County Wildflower Honey Guadalupe County Wildflower
Floral yet mild, with a color ranging from very light amber to amber, the bees produced an ample supply of this honey, thanks to our winter and spring rains.
Gretchen Bee Ranch Gonzales County Wildflower Honey Comal County Wildflower
Smooth, mellow and generally darker than the Guadalupe County wildflower honey, the bees also produced a generous supply of this honey.
Gretchen Bee Ranch Gonzales County Wildflower Honey Frio County Wildflower
Light, mild and floral, our bees produced great abundance of this honey thanks to our drought-busting rains.
Gretchen Bee Ranch Gonzales County Wildflower Honey Gonzales County Wildflower
Very similar to the Comal County honey this year – darker in color but smooth and mild. Despite adequate rains, the supply of this honey is very limited.
  Clover Honey

Gretchen Bee Ranch Montana Clover Honey Glacier County (Montana) Clover
The lightest of all honeys, our friends up in Montana produce this smooth honey that is very worthy of being grouped with our other Texas honeys.
  Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey Creamed Honey
A light, delicate honey that is cooled and stirred to give it a silky-smooth, spreadable consistency.
Creamed Honey Pecan Creamed Honey
Pure honey, coarse chopped pecans from our own trees, cooled and stirred to spreadable perfection equals honey addiction. Try it on toast, banana bread, fresh strawberries, or straight from the jar.

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