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  At Gretchen Bee Ranch we love to help others learn the art and science of keeping bees. This is a never-ending process and even after working with bees for over 30 years, we are amazed at what the bees still teach us. Beekeepers have a responsibility to be good stewards to these amazing creatures, and it all starts with a desire to learn.

Learning can take many forms — befriending veteran beekeepers in your community, joining a local beekeeping club, following an experienced beekeeper on their social media, and reading regularly books such as The Hive and the Honeybee and magazines such as the American Bee Journal.

We would be delighted if you considered our classes as part of your mix of learning opportunities!

Introduction to Beekeeping
This class teaches the fundamentals to the new beekeeper, or to those just wanting to experience the bees first-hand. A bee suit and other protective gear are provided.

 - class outline, schedule and cost
How to Harvest Your Honey
This is a hands on class that goes through the honey harvesting process using a hive from the Gretchen Bee Ranch apiary. It is designed for a new or first-year beekeeper.

 - class outline, schedule and cost
Customer Quote: “Had a wonderful experience there at Gretchen Bee Ranch, your beekeeping class was excellent…” -Dale H.
A group of student at the Gretchen Bee Ranch.
Free Beekeeping Workshops at Gretchen Bee Ranch
  We’d be delighted to see you at one or more of these free workshops at the Bee Ranch. We’ll provide ample opportunity for questions and information sharing. Workshops are held Saturday mornings from 9 to 10am. Pre-registration is not required.  
Aug. 25 - Tips for Finding Your Queen (With Queen Marking Demo)*
Sept. 1 - Helping Your Bees Beat the Heat*
Sept. 8 - Ways to Render Your Beeswax
Sept. 15 - Intro to Beekeeping Class (Paid class – must be registered to attend.)
Sept. 22 - Fall Feeding: Pollen Supplement & Sugar Syrup
Sept. 29 - Fall Hive Evaluation*
Oct. 6 - Mite Sampling & Apiguard Treatment Demonstration*
Oct. 13 - Fall & Winter Bee Plants
Oct. 20 - Intro to Beekeeping Class (Paid class – must be registered to attend.)
Oct. 27 - No Workshop but the store is open
Nov. 3 - Mite Sampling & Formic Pro Treatment Demonstration*
Nov. 10 - Intro to Beekeeping Class (Paid class – must be registered to attend.)
Nov. 17 - How to Acquire Bees for 2019
Nov. 24 - How to Help Your Bees Survive Winter*
Dec. 1 - Mite Sampling & Oxalic Acid Vaporization Demonstration*
Dec. 8 - Brood Matters: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Updated)
Dec. 15 - Bee Photography: How Does This Help Me Be a Better Beekeeper?
Dec. 22 - Early Winter Hive Evaluation*
Dec. 29 - What Should I Be Doing Right Now with My Bees?
  * This workshop will be held in our teaching apiary, weather permitting. Please bring your protective gear if you would like to participate.  

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